The Unproposed Guy – Book

He drinks green tea, not just espresso.
He likes music, not just Despacito and cliché so.
He is funny but he fails to show it off to his girl.
She gets sweet gifts but he just can’t buy a pearl.
He loves it when the gown he bought makes a twirl.
Like everyone, he too needs a partner.
Unlike anyone, he wishes to be her armor.
Though he was a charmer, sharper and smarter,
Unfortunately, he becomes her kindergartner.
He drives her crazy in long rides, being himself with her.
Nonetheless, she considers him as her chauffeur.
He is not rude; he is straightforward.
Nevertheless, she thinks it’s awkward.
She has many friends in guys, he is insecure.
To get her attention, he skips his supper.
Her touch is ecstatic for him, he senses.
Her smile makes his whole day, feels head over heels.
Every time she calls on him, he drops what he does.
He wasn’t her best bud but that wasn’t the fuzz.


She can’t be her friend, he thinks.
Before he is friend zoned, he kneels.
So he proposes her and makes a jinx.
Like every other, she says ‘You are not the one’.
It was all over again when it was time to run.
He thought all his life he stood by her side.
But she just considered him Romeo who always lied.
He felt out of pride and the high tide rose inside.
Why is it so that his rhyme has to be perfect and his delivery flawless?
Why is it so that the burden is always on him who can’t seek solace?
Why is it so that he is devoid of love and care and becomes clueless?
He may not be Chandler Bing but he has a good sense of humor.
He may not be Sheldon Cooper but he has no brain tumor.
He may not be your fictional character, but he is a real funny narrator.
To all the ones who think ‘I lack that (P-Factor) Proposed-Factor’
Actually, you don’t lack anything because you are a New-clear reactor.
He may not be romantic because he ain’t plastic.
He may not take you to Atlantic, but he is fantastic.

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I am not Chandler Bing, but I have a good sense of humor
I don’t look like Barney Stinson, but I am great with pickup lines
I am not Charlie Harper, but I am a decent guy with enough money
I am not Sheldon Cooper, but I am intellectual enough
I am not a Smurf, but I turn blues and reds often
I am not Michael Scofield, but I have many escape plans for life
I am not Theodral Bagwell, but I can be a badass whenever required
I am not Joey Tribbiani, but I am good at asking people how they are doing
I can’t dance as good as MJ, but I have some sensational silly steps prepared for my girl
I am not Walter White, but I too have my own unfulfilled dreams
I am not Jesse Pinkman, but I drink and get high when I am happy
I am not Ross Geller, but I have soft corners for woman I love
I am not Harvey Specter, but I too pretend to be emotionless sometimes
I am not Dr House, but I know God exists and we keep that faith intact
I am not Don Draper, but I can still sell a refrigerator to you when you don’t need it
I am not Joker, but I wish to be the devil many times.
I am not Tony Stark, but I wish I were that wealthy and prosperous
I am not Flash, but I want to be at plenty of places altogether
I am not Wolverine, but I crave to kill people with my claws

I am not Eminem, but I rap good, really good
I am not hot as David Guetta, but I am cool from inside
I am not cool as Ashton Kutcher, but I don’t feel hot for it
I don’t ride an Aston Martin, but I try hard to reach for it
I am not Alan Walker, but I do imitate his style of hiding face
I am not a fictional character, but I am a funny character.
When women reject me by comparing themselves with the fictional characters they adore,
I can admit that I am not him but me.
I can’t play many roles.
They are good at being one character whereas I play multiple characters at a time.
They don’t notice me for some reason because they have many reasons to be noticed.
I am not a fictional character, but I am a funny character.
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