On a irregular odd day, head and heart had a great fight.
Had I not taken it seriously, it could have been a lil light.

Head was hammering.
Heart was stammering.
Head had brains.
But heart was fully trained.

Head said I will stop working if you fall for someone, ‘good’ for you.
Heart said never mind, nobody’s gonna fall, I am not silly ‘Well’, see you.

That day,
Head was stunned and furious.
“Heart, you betrayed me. We’re together. Don’t leave me. How could you do this?” Heart said, “I didn’t do anything. But yesterday, one heart from other universe helped me pump more, gave me more blood, had me more adrenaline and made me feel like I am special. And now, I feel I will stop pumping, if you scare me, d***head.” That day, heart won as always and two heart went into different universe as always.
#tinytale #shortstories #ttt #shortstory #tinystory #tale #story #lovestory

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