I scroll through your Facebook. I see your Instagram.

The social media is all I can do to win that grand slam.

I look at your pictures and then I look into the mirror.

It’s sad to say that it all gets clearer when I go nearer.

I look at her and the world around me fades away.

Like the song ‘Faded’, her single glance makes my day.

Did I already say you were more than a crush?

I was awestruck when I first saw you blush.

Vivaciously I fell head over heels and got adrenaline rush.

Your ‘no degree’ eye deflection towards anyone put my feelings in flush.

Actually, from the first, I was aware that you were plush.

Did I mention that I lost my self-esteem?

I wish I could talk to you as it was my dream.

Very rapidly, that beautiful dream turned into a daydream.

Your ‘I don’t give a F***’ attitude switched my fantasy to a sad theme.

Actually, it all happened for a reason before I could reach an extreme.

Did I tell you I wanted to confess your name so badly?

I could have broadcasted it on TV, Radio, and YouTube abruptly.

Very sincerely, I tried to get a good morning glance of yours daily.

Your ‘I am not looking at anyone’ omen hinted me to stop sadly.

Actually, I wish you could know how at the very first sight, I fell for you truly & madly.

Did I tell you they warned me that looks are deceiving?

always unheard them as I felt some beautifully hidden meaning.

Very good, was never a compliment as I failed every time in pleasing.

Your ‘I can never be impressed by you’ gave me a disheartening screaming.

Actually, it all starts with the ravishing looks and ends with books, unceasing.

What would I do if someday I get a chance to talk to her? I ask myself.

What would be her first question if she asks me about anything? I ask myself.

What would be the possible outcome of that 2-liner conversation? I ask myself.

Well, I wish she could hear me rap an Eminem song.

Well, I wish she could see my name somewhere on Google.

Well, I wish she could laugh at my standup comedy

Well, I wish she could smile looking at me like I do.

But then remember, I have lost faith in ‘Wishes’ and ‘Dreams’.

Original Excerpts from my personal blog

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