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The Standup Comedy by Bhavik Sarkhedi

It’s been long that I have been a fan of humor. Back from the daily soap in 2000s, I have always watched, admired and imitated Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Govinda. I evolve. I do Sheldon Cooper mimicry and Chandler Gesture whenever I get a chance to troll the people (male mostly).

Laughter is good for health. What a cliche. Even sex is good for releasing stress. Anyways, I am sitting on the balcony seat to watch a standup comedian Jeeveshu. I, obviously accompanied by a handsome guy, wait for the show to start. Lights aren’t turned off, probably that guy like me would balance his lust watching the hottest girls of the city.

Some passed by, some passed beside and some sat behind. Then, this group of four came. Oh, Charlie’s Angel. Gods must have taken a long summer holidays to create these dolls. It wasn’t the first time I had imagined Gods in the vacation but sometimes it’s winter and perhaps, paid leaves.

When there is a group of beautiful girls, you got to be accurate of the girl you want to focus to. I selected the least beautiful. Of course, I had my front camera to ensure I hadn’t been uglier than I was. Duh.

Those girls sat slant right behind us. The show started. I laughed and I looked back. I felt pity on me and the friend tagged me ‘Desperate’ which I was since ages.

I held myself from looking behind but then a cute and most melodious laugh began to enter my eardrums as the show progressed. I had to see that hear.

Yes, she was my imaginary wife.

I smiled like it was my last as she was a beautiful lass

I guarantee. Looking at just her, my life would pass

Her dark complexion made me secure about my choice

Her curves of the body were silently making the noise

The Girl of my dreams, she was the one

Who wouldn’t love the way she got her bun?

It was statistically unlikely that I would think about a girl for so long because eventually, I knew I would end up to just looking at her.

The show ended. We moved. They walked. I watched her with my crazy eyes. She was perfect for me. I looked at myself. Paused. It took me 3 seconds to decide to turn back and let it go thinking, “She is out of my league.”

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