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The Beautiful (Yeah) Man by Bhavik Sarkhedi

29th April, 2010 (A Story of my Friend in my words)

I am on the stage, all set, to perform the famous Tandav, on the auspicious occasion of International Dance Day, celebrated to rejoice the art called dance.

Known for a very intimidating personality and high sexual appeal, I was that face of the university, which was not only famous inside the campus, but also in hoardings and banners of many famous brands across the nation, as a model.

All traits of mine were woman friendly. But the only thing that a woman could never accept of mine was my passion for classical dance.

Once, I was out on a date with a beautiful girl, who happens to study in the neighboring college. I had been thinking of approaching her since last 6 months, and woah!

Here I sit with her on a date. Everything was going good, we both were down with two drinks, and I had almost proposed her, when all out of excitement, I showed her my dance videos.

And fuck, I almost had a bad trip watching her lose interest in even talking to me and finally leaving the date, long before the expected time making me realize that I just missed a chance on getting laid tonight.

That was the 1st time, my passion for dance, actually got me rejected by a girl, who definitely happened to be fantasizing about doing me at nights.

Before getting on to the stage to perform the Tandav, I had a lot of feelings in my heart. I was pretty sure I would impress a lot of females down there, but shockingly, I actually got boycotted by males, for god sake. “Sone ki asli pehchan sirf ek johri hi kar sakta hai.

I have heard that since long, but actually believed in it, when the next day, on 30th April, a girl came up to me, and congratulated me for being blessed with the art of dance.

“I was amazed to see those abs, actually moving to the beats of the tabla, so perfectly. You are a charm”.

We gradually grew to be each other’s home, in that town full of strangers. It’s been 6 months since we are into a relationship, and today I actually met her friends for the first time.

I got introduced as an engineer, who is into hardcore modeling. But little, did I realize that, she was actually turning me into someone, she never fell in love with. “Why? is it because I am a male and I am supposed to be making abs, rather than forming mudras, applying gel, rather than putting aalta on my palm?

Or is it all about being more graceful and expressive than half of the female population of our country? Oh wait, did I just get stereotyped, for being that beautiful man on stage?”

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