Being single isn’t always easy neither is it always a happy feeling. Especially when our popular culture promotes the idea that finding a significant other is necessary to feel genuinely “whole.”

Singles are often represented as being condemned to a kind of limbo to discover their soulmates.

However, we believe, living your life without being in a romantic relationship has several advantages. And books like “The Unproposed Guy” does a great job of describing this, in reality. Singles may be more able to deal with challenges than they or others can ever know.

There’s almost a sense of being filled with power. Remember being alone requires you to be more independent.

As we realise that, the limitations of having a spouse disappears, and people’s lives become entirely their own. Nobody stopping you from starting to pursue your goals and dreams.

You’re more likely to take chances, go on adventures, and experience more novelty.

People frequently claim that they have lost themselves in relationships. And a big reason for that is that we stop acting independently. Because they spend less time on self to concentrate on their own personal growth in relationships, people risk losing touch with who they are.

Being by yourself always allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

There is more excellent room for inventiveness when you are single. Can you be creative and in a relationship at the same time? Of course, I say. But juggling those two is difficult for the average person.

This is the crucial time to determine your identity and what you stand for, and being alone is your chance to create your own personal “mission statement.” When we’re single, we genuinely have time to reflect on our values and the things that are important to us.

And at that point, you can reassess and consider the lessons you’ve learned from previous relationships. When you’re single, it’s the ideal moment to reflect on your identity and goals for the future.

What tweaks are you seeking? What groups, connections, or new behaviours are you hoping to form? An effective relationship is possible. We have someone to share our highs and lows with, just as they do with us. However, when we are single, we must pay attention to the aspects of our lives that deserve it.

Activities, such as exercising, hanging out with friends, setting aside time to focus on personal dreams, and me’ time, frequently take a back seat in partnerships due to our desire to help others. Nothing can divert us from caring for ourselves and growing personally when single.

Here are the top 7 books you should read if you’re still not convinced with this. You will undoubtedly fall in love with being alone and yourself, feeling pleased after reading these books. So here is the list:

1. The Unproposed Guy by Suhana Bhambhani and Bhavik Sarkhedi

If you want to be inspired to be happy, you must read this book—the peals of laughter result from a funny and clever story that is captivating and engaging. However, the entertainment is also smashing, in the right spot, and relatable enough. This one has no over-the-top characters; it is more realistic and grounded. It’s guaranteed that you’ll like it and gain a lot of perspective in life from this book.

2. Living Alone and Loving It by Barbara Feldon

This book is for single women who still require convincing that it’s okay to be both single and seeking love and single and not looking. To appreciate the little pleasures in life, you occasionally need to carve out some time for yourself. I adore how Barbara Feldon weaves personal anecdotes into the text because it gives her counsel a more sincere quality.

3. Too Much and Not in the Mood by Durga Chew

The remarkable debut essay collection by Chew-Bose takes a more reflective approach to singlehood while also addressing loneliness and self-discovery. This collection of essays is more than just a self-help book; it serves as both an invitation to explore one’s innermost thoughts and a timely reminder that traveling alone can be just as rewarding on the road to self-realization.

4. Pour Me A Life by A.A. Gill’s

The journey that restaurant reviewer and author A.A. Gill describes in this memoir is proof of what is possible when we take care of our relationship, which is the most crucial one in life. Pour Me is a relevant read for a single person searching for a fun piece of life with some worldly experience on the side. Romantic relationships don’t figure too significantly in this story.

5. Single on Purpose by John Kim

Single on Purpose redefines being single and serves as a reminder that it’s not a bad thing. Life is more than just being in a relationship. As we are, we are complete.

6. How to Be Single and Happy by Jennifer Taitz

This book is a no-brainer if you want to be single and content. Taitz is a reminder that we can be content in our cuent relationships, even if we are actively looking for our soul mates.

7. The Unexpected Joy of Being Single, by Catherine Gray

Gray spends a lot of time discussing the external influences of being in a relationship in The Unexpected Joy of Being Single. The truth is that there is nothing improper with us or being single. Instead, we must discover how to relish this time alone and how it makes us complete.

Relationships aren’t always the ideal situation for everyone. If we consider three possibilities, being happy while single, being dissatisfied in a relationship, and being unhappy while single the first option seems the best. Right. It’s beneficial to cultivate mindfulness if you want to become a single happy person. The key to happiness is to be in the here and now.

You have lot of freedom, which you may use to develop yourself and clarify what’s important to you. You miss out on the chance to be single if you waste your free time worrying about how you’re going to meet someone or what’s wrong with you, so try to maintain a positive mindset while you’re single and enjoy life to the fullest without any worry.

In 2024, these seven books celebrate the joy of being single in simple Indian English.

They affirm that happiness isn’t tied to having a partner, highlighting the freedom, growth, and creativity found in solo living.

From “The Unproposed Guy” to “The Unexpected Joy of Being Single,” each book shares stories and insights that encourage self-love and fulfillment.

Whether it’s finding contentment in solitude or pursuing personal goals without hindrance, these books remind us that being single can be a fulfilling and empowering journey. Embrace independence, relish the present, and discover the unexpected joys of singlehood in these insightful reads.

Book Title Author Summary
The Unproposed Guy Suhana Bhambhani & Bhavik Sarkhedi A humorous and relatable story that inspires happiness and perspective on life, portraying realistic characters and situations.
Living Alone and Loving It Barbara Feldon A book aimed at single women, encouraging them to embrace singlehood while finding joy in life’s simple pleasures, supplemented by personal anecdotes for added sincerity.
Too Much and Not in the Mood Durga Chew A debut essay collection that reflects on singlehood, loneliness, and self-discovery, inviting readers to explore their inner thoughts and recognize the rewards of solo journeys in self-realization.
Pour Me A Life A.A. Gill A memoir by A.A. Gill chronicling his journey and emphasizing the importance of nurturing one’s relationship with oneself, offering a fun yet worldly perspective on life, with minimal focus on romantic relationships.
Single on Purpose John Kim Redefining singlehood as a positive state and emphasizing that life is fulfilling even without being in a relationship, promoting the idea that individuals are complete as they are.
How to Be Single and Happy Jennifer Taitz A guide to finding contentment in singlehood, highlighting the possibility of happiness within oneself, even while actively seeking a partner, encouraging mindfulness and present-focused living.
The Unexpected Joy of Being Single Catherine Gray Discusses the societal pressures around relationships and challenges the notion that being single is wrong, emphasizing the importance of embracing solitude and recognizing its contribution to personal fulfillment.
Overall Message Emphasizes the benefits of singlehood, including independence, personal growth, creativity, and self-reflection. Encourages individuals to enjoy life fully while single, without worrying about finding a partner, promoting mindfulness and present-focused living.
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