Embark on a captivating literary journey through the realms of love with our curated list of the “Top 20 Romantic Books by Indian Authors.” From the enchanting narratives of timeless classics to contemporary tales that resonate with modern hearts, this collection celebrates the rich tapestry of romantic literature in India. These novels, penned by gifted storytellers, weave together tales of passion, heartbreak, and enduring love, offering readers a diverse and immersive experience. Join us as we explore the intricacies of human emotions, cultural nuances, and the universal language of love in this handpicked selection of romantic masterpieces.

1. The Unproposed Guy

Dive into the world of love and unpredictability with “The Unproposed Guy,” the latest literary offering from the talented author Bhavik Sarkhedi. In this compelling novel, Sarkhedi crafts a narrative that explores the complexities of relationships, taking readers on a journey filled with emotion, humor, and unexpected twists. As the characters navigate the uncharted territories of love and self-discovery, “The Unproposed Guy” promises a fresh perspective on modern romance. Sarkhedi’s storytelling prowess shines through, creating a captivating tale that resonates with authenticity, making this novel a must-read for those seeking a heartfelt and thought-provoking romantic experience.

2. The Trouble With Hating You

“The Trouble With Hating You” unfolds a poignant romantic tale by Sajni Patel, navigating the delicate dance between love and self-discovery. This emotionally charged novel introduces Liya Thakkar, a fiercely independent woman resisting societal expectations. When she finds herself entangled with the charismatic Jay Shah, their connection sparks a journey of unexpected emotions and buried secrets. Patel skillfully blends humor and heartache, creating a narrative that challenges stereotypes and celebrates the complexities of love. As Liya confronts her past and Jay endeavors to break down her walls, “The Trouble With Hating You” is a compelling exploration of love’s transformative power.


3. Price, Prejudice, and Other Flavours

“Price, Prejudice, and Other Flavours” serves up a delectable blend of contemporary romance and culinary delight. Authored by Sonali Dev, this novel takes readers on a flavorful journey through the vibrant streets of San Francisco. In this reimagining of Jane Austen’s classic “Pride and Prejudice,” Dev adds a contemporary twist, weaving a tale of love, family, and cultural clashes, making it in the list of top 20 romantic book by Indian authors. The protagonist, a talented neurosurgeon named Trisha Raje, finds herself entangled in a web of complex relationships, challenging societal norms. As the aromatic spices of Indian cuisine infuse the narrative, the novel becomes a delectable exploration of identity, ambition, and the sweet taste of unexpected love.


4. 2 States

Chetan Bhagat’s “2 States” unfolds a heartwarming tale of love and cultural collision. Krish, a Punjabi, and Ananya, a Tamil, navigate the challenges of convincing their families to embrace their cross-cultural love. Set against the backdrop of Indian diversity, the novel humorously captures the nuances of intercultural relationships.

Bhagat’s engaging storytelling, peppered with wit and relatable characters, offers readers a delightful exploration of love’s journey amid societal expectations. “2 States” is a modern romantic classic that transcends regional boundaries, celebrating the power of love to bridge the gaps between traditions and create a story that resonates with readers across cultures.


5. I Too Had A Love Story

Ravinder Singh’s poignant debut, “I Too Had a Love Story,” unfolds a real-life love saga that transcends the pages. This heart-wrenching narrative traces the author’s own journey through the highs of a blossoming romance and the lows of an unexpected tragedy. Singh’s raw and honest portrayal of love, loss, and the enduring spirit of memory captivates readers, making it an emotionally charged and universally relatable tale. With a delicate balance of joy and sorrow, the novel resonates as a timeless tribute to the enduring power of true love, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who embark on its emotional rollercoaster.


6. The Marriage Game

“The Marriage Game” invites readers into a world of love, laughter, and cultural collision. Penned by bestselling author Sara Desai, this contemporary romantic comedy unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of San Francisco and India. As a meddling grandmother orchestrates a series of outrageous matchmaking attempts, the protagonists, Layla and Sam, find themselves entangled in a web of unexpected emotions. Desai’s witty narrative, rich character development, and the clash of tradition and modernity create a delightful rollercoaster of romance, emerging as one of the top 20 romantic books by Indian authors. “The Marriage Game” is a charming exploration of love, identity, and the unpredictable journey to finding one’s heart’s true desires.


7. Falling Into Place

“Falling Into Place” is a compelling exploration of human connections, unraveling the complexities of love, loss, and redemption. Authored by Indian writer Sheryn Munir, this novel delves into the delicate dance of relationships and the profound impact of life’s twists and turns on the human spirit. Munir’s narrative prowess shines as he crafts a poignant tale that resonates with readers, inviting them to contemplate the unpredictable nature of fate and the power of self-discovery. Through vivid characters and evocative storytelling, “Falling Into Place” unfolds as a gripping journey through the highs and lows of life’s emotional landscape.

Source: goodreads.com

8. The Shaadi Set-up

“The Shaadi Set-Up” unfolds a delightful romantic narrative within the vibrant backdrop of an Indian wedding. Authored by Lillie Vale, this novel intricately weaves the complexities of love, tradition, and self-discovery. As the characters navigate the exhilarating chaos of wedding preparations, they find unexpected connections, unraveling the threads of their hearts. Vale’s storytelling combines humor, cultural nuances, and the universal quest for love, creating a heartwarming tale that resonates with readers. “The Shaadi Set-Up” invites you into a world where love blossoms amidst the colorful tapestry of wedding festivities, promising a charming escape into the magic of romance.


9. Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words

“Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words” is a delightful journey through the intoxicating blend of romance and humor. Penned by an unnamed author, this charming novella unfolds the love story of a young couple against the backdrop of a quaint Indian teashop. The narrative, sprinkled with wit and warmth, captures the essence of love’s quirks and the undeniable allure of chai. With its endearing characters and evocative storytelling, the novella explores the intricacies of relationships while celebrating the simple pleasures that make life extraordinary. Immerse yourself in this heartwarming tale where love and chai become the sweetest four-letter words.


10. Everyone Has A Story

“Everyone Has A Story” by Savi Sharma is a soul-stirring novel that beckons readers to unravel the unique narratives concealed within ordinary lives. Through the journey of Meera, a struggling writer, and her encounters with intriguing characters, Sharma crafts a poignant tale of dreams, love, and self-discovery. The novel captivates with its inspirational exploration of resilience and the pursuit of one’s destiny, making it in the list of top 20 romantic books by Indian authors. With lyrical prose and a compelling storyline, “Everyone Has A Story” invites readers to introspect and find solace in the shared human experience, reminding us that every individual carries a story worth telling.


11. Promise Me A Million Times

In “Promise Me a Million Times,” author Keshav Aneel unfolds a poignant saga of unrequited love, heartache, and the enduring power of promises. This evocative novel traces the lives of two childhood friends, Sahil and Sneha, as they navigate the complexities of growing up and the bittersweet symphony of love. Aneel’s narrative is a compelling exploration of the human heart, capturing the essence of promises made, and broken, and the indelible impact they leave. Through a tapestry of emotions, the novel invites readers to reflect on the timeless themes of love and loyalty, making it a poignant and unforgettable literary journey.


12. The Marriage Clock

“The Marriage Clock” is a delightful romantic novel by Zara Raheem that follows the journey of Leila Abid as she navigates cultural expectations and her own dreams of love. Faced with the pressure of an ultimatum from her traditional Indian parents to find a husband within three months, Leila embarks on a quest for love and self-discovery. Raheem’s witty and heartfelt storytelling explores themes of identity, family, and the pursuit of happiness, making “The Marriage Clock” a compelling and relatable read for anyone who has grappled with the complexities of balancing tradition and personal aspirations in matters of the heart.


13. Ayesha At Last

“Ayesha At Last” by Uzma Jalaluddin is a delightful modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” set in a vibrant Toronto Muslim community. Ayesha, a witty poet, navigates family expectations and her own ambitions. The novel unfolds a heartwarming romance with Khalid, a conservative and judgment-prone man. Jalaluddin seamlessly blends humor, cultural richness, and a nuanced exploration of love against a backdrop of societal expectations. This charming novel captivates readers with its fresh perspective, celebrating love, identity, and the transformative power of understanding in a diverse and contemporary setting, emerging as one of the top 20 romantic books by Indian authors.


14. Someone Like You

In “Someone Like You,” acclaimed author Nikita Singh spins a tale of love, loss, and second chances. The novel unfolds the journey of Niharika Singh, a young woman navigating the complexities of relationships and self-discovery. As the narrative gracefully explores the nuances of unrequited love and the resilience of the human spirit, readers are drawn into a world where emotions are raw and authentic. With its relatable characters and heartfelt storytelling, “Someone Like You” is a poignant exploration of the unpredictable nature of love, leaving readers with a profound understanding of the intricacies that define our connections with others.


15. A Holly Jolly Diwali

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with “A Holly Jolly Diwali,” a joyous compilation that adds a festive spark to your celebrations. Immerse yourself in the warmth of traditional rituals, vibrant decorations, and the spirit of togetherness. This delightful collection captures the essence of Diwali with stories that resonate with laughter, love, and the magic of the season. From family gatherings to the sparkle of diyas, each tale is a reminder of the joy that permeates the air during this auspicious festival. “A Holly Jolly Diwali” invites readers to embrace the festive cheer and create cherished memories during this luminous celebration.


16. The Rules of Arrangement

In “The Rules of Arrangement,” an enthralling novel by an accomplished author, readers are drawn into a world where relationships are intricately woven, and the characters navigate the delicate balance between tradition and personal desires. This compelling narrative unfolds against a backdrop of societal expectations, challenging the conventional norms of arranged marriages. As the protagonists grapple with love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness, “The Rules of Arrangement” invites readers to ponder the complexities of human connections and the ever-evolving dynamics of modern relationships. With a seamless blend of emotion and intrigue, this novel promises an engaging exploration of love’s myriad facets.


17. Wish I Could Tell You

“Wish I Could Tell You” unfolds as a poignant narrative that explores the delicate threads of love and fate. Authored by Durjoy Datta, this heartrending tale navigates the complexities of relationships, secrets, and the enduring power of true connection. The novel follows the lives of Rai and Deep, whose paths intertwine amidst the struggles of their individual journeys. Datta’s evocative storytelling delves into the depths of human emotions, creating a riveting narrative that resonates with readers. “Wish I Could Tell You” is a compelling exploration of love’s resilience, encapsulating the bittersweet dance between what is spoken and the unspoken desires of the heart, making it in the list of top 20 romantic books by Indian authors.


18. A Suitable Boy

Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy” is an epic masterpiece that unfolds the intricacies of post-independence India. Set against a backdrop of societal expectations and political upheaval, the novel intricately weaves the lives of diverse characters, with a central focus on Lata Mehra’s journey to find a suitable match. Rich in cultural exploration and familial dynamics, Seth’s narrative captures the essence of a changing nation. Through Lata’s choices, the novel explores love, tradition, and the complexities of arranged marriages, offering a panoramic view of a society in transition. “A Suitable Boy” stands as a timeless testament to the artistry of storytelling.

Source: goodreads.com

19. Once More Upon A Time

“Once More Upon A Time” invites readers into a mesmerizing world where reality and fantasy entwine seamlessly. Authored by a skilled storyteller, this enchanting tale takes protagonists on a journey through time, rekindling forgotten moments and exploring the magic woven within ordinary lives. Filled with nostalgia, romance, and a touch of whimsy, the narrative unfolds like a captivating dream. “Once More Upon A Time” is a literary gem that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling, offering readers a unique and immersive experience where every page holds the promise of rediscovering the enchantment of bygone days.

Source: goodreads.com

20. A Match Made In Mehendi

“A Match Made In Mehendi” invites readers into a world where tradition meets modernity, and love blossoms in unexpected ways. Written by Nandini Bajpai, this delightful novel revolves around Simi, a young artist whose matchmaking skills with mehendi take center stage. As she navigates the vibrant landscape of her Indian-American community, Simi discovers the power of love and self-discovery. Bajpai’s narrative is a charming blend of cultural richness, family dynamics, and the complexities of finding one’s path in matters of the heart. “A Match Made In Mehendi” is a heartwarming tale that paints love with the hues of tradition and contemporary flair.



In this curated collection of the top 20 romantic books by Indian authors, we embark on a literary journey that transcends time, culture, and diverse human experiences. From the poignant stories of Durjoy Dutta to the contemporary tales woven by Bhavik Sarkhedi, each novel encapsulates the essence of love in its myriad forms. These works, ranging from heart-wrenching tragedies to lighthearted comedies, showcase the richness and versatility of Indian romance literature. As readers immerse themselves in these captivating narratives, they not only encounter compelling love stories but also gain profound insights into the complexities of relationships

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