Gone are the days of ‘Action speaks louder than words’.

We live in a generation where ‘Words speak louder than action’.

To sum up my last 8-9 years of content writing, from ‘The Weak Point Dealer’ to ‘Will You Walk A Mile?’ to ‘The C to T of Content Marketing’, there were just more and more setbacks because none has been a best-seller and neither has been famous but I have never stopped writing because I know one day, my writing will be recognized.

the unporposed guy books

Although Google created a special Knowledge Panel for me, I am waiting for that one moment where people tell me ‘They liked my book and it was worth their time. I am waiting, I will wait, if not with this dream novel, I will write more, I will write more and more.

One Day….My words will touch heart. My story will relate. My storytelling skills will amuse readers. My sarcastic writing will be my reader’s relaxing moment.

The Unproposed Guy has been my fictional character since 2017. I had started a medium blog https://medium.com/@unproposedguy with a single thought that I want to narrate every single funny story I create and in the best way possible, one day I would pen it down together as a ‘Wholesome’ Story.

That day has come. That day is 15th July, 2022. The Fictional Character who motivated me to ‘Not Stop’ no matter what. The Lame But Smart Character who told me ‘Never Give up’ is finally here. I am waiting, this time, with excitement but no expectations. I know my content will have a strong impact ONE day.

The Unproposed Guy Cover

Cheers to my dream and motivation of a fictional character.

The Unproposed Guy who is every guy’s best friend and every girl’s worst (funny) nightmare.

The Unproposed Guy Book

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