I don’t know — maybe, few years back, when I was amateur (in writing and life), I wrote THIS.

“I saw this most beautiful woman today. She was sitting quietly reading. I was perplexed because she was alone and no bees wandering around her but hey it’s library dude.

Okay then, you too try to pretend as if you are going through the shelf. Oh, where’s she? Aahh yes. The shelves confuse. Damn u shelf. Ok.

3rd from the left and in dictionaries department. What meaning does she want to find out in life? Isn’t she a whole novel? Oh wait. I can’t see her from the front and that’s sad.

I am not dauntless enough to say hey or hi to her but I can just passby. Umm stupid, I could die. OK, I won’t go. Safe side.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. She is reading. Now, I will have to read. The place I somehow find is the 180 degree of where she sits. GREAT. But I see her back, you stupid.

Like a story ‘When backs meet’. Wow, an Oscar of quote if there were any.

I pick up a book. I find a good one first. Obviously, it’s 7:30 and the library closes at 8. Half an hour. I can manage. Can’t I? Should I? Why? What is bothering me?

Just read the book. Okay.

I read. I read. Hmm. Must be 8 now.

It’s 7:32.
Did I read 20 pages in 2 minutes or did I Skip it all? Whatever.

I think she will go away soon.

Who knows​ what is it in you that does this?

The writing works. I am not reading but weaving the meticulous possibility that could have happened or will happen if I am lucky.

Like motivational quote, turning back is a no no. She took it literally, man. Quote again. Maar khais have.

So, I Write on my Google Keep. I love you Google. Yes, that works, you silly.

The background music is so soothing. I realize it now why crossword is one of the preferable places for the readers till date.

Okay, I call her now.

Who? The girl sitting. Yes, I know her. I came to meet her for the first time. I thought she didn’t want to meet when I asked but I guess from her intense focus on reading, she just wanted her space.

Let her give it. I called but thankfully she doesn’t receive. Glad, …

Oh wait she is calling. Don’t pick up. Don’t pick up.

I don’t. Why?

Okay I texts. She replies.
She says,”Let’s meet at 8″

Hahahahhahahahahaha. Yeah. Congratulations. You have enhanced an unofficial level on pyschology.

I wanted to turn back and look but I write. I wanted to see that bun of her hair still flies at the same place or did it fly with that angel?

Writing has helped and it is helping now.

I am sorry, I personify everything but as I said you give me WORDS, I don’t know why but I think I won’t be able to speak against you so, let this be my memento to you. Hahaha. I am losing my voice slowly as it’s 15 mins to 8.

I think it’s a time comb. Yes, because I am looking at the time and the hairs. Lol bad pj, Bhavik.

That’s it, Dhvani. My improptu. The last imagination. Because as someone has Said, ‘You Can be a stranger just once’. I can’t undo the ‘See you live’ act and I wanted it to be real.

Sorry to bother you again. It’s just that I write bad and you read good. That’s a combo a comb and hair makes.
Hahaha tata”


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