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The Lift in 2024 by Bhavik Sarkhedi

No, No. I am not going to be erotic. Definitely not with how the 50 shades of grey showed the audience what can possibly happen in a lift. It’s just a different unromantic story. Like I said, you know the end, I don’t make it somehow, but except that, you need to know how it is to be with (I don’t know about ‘On’ or ‘Below)a girl, observing silently and sometimes, talking, I am sorry, murmuring to yourself.

This is about one of the times when I am alone with the girl in a lift. Fast Forward. The lift suddenly stopped. The security alarm was already raised. It was the matter of time we had to go through. She succeeded, I failed.

The first couple of minutes was just the unconscious state of mind where we fear death but then, we realize, it’s not a horror movie. The next minutes we take out our smartphones, to call the concerned person. Seriously? I still dial the f***ing 10 digits to call my friends and families. I didn’t have any useful number. I was a douche. I am not saying it, she must have said when she asked me if I had any relevant helpful number.

By the time I nodded horizontally, I felt so optimistic about the situation if I had few saved number. I think I got married in my imagination. Yes, certainly, she wasn’t impressed with my looks, because Duh, you are bald at the age of 25, and who wears toilet slippers outside the house?

God hears of those who helps others. Quoted Right?

I finally got my moment, I call it, the “Masturbation Moment” where some scene would occur to me and I would click it for its later use. I had to lift her up since we were on midway floors. Catching her from the waist, thin waist, softly thin waist, I lift her on the lift and don’t guess, what lifted itself eventually?

Not a single word spoken. Felt dumbstruck, disgusted and dead. I managed to get out of that cubicle hell that made me look fool to a beautiful.

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