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Riya vs Rahul Conversation [Updated]

Rahul: Did you watch the new episode of Koffee with Karan?

Riya: Oh yes. I love the show. I wish i could be there as a contestant.

Rahul: come to my house. My aunt would ask you so many questions that you’ll have your Rapid fire debut right there.

Riya: Haha. And i can play that embarrassing stories bit in my house since my mom and dad don’t seem to stop.

Rahul: the amount of time Karan spends on asking Deepika when is she getting married seems more than his use of the word ‘conjecture’.

Riya: oh the same old question of marriage. Did you see the promotion of Google home in the episodes? Only if Google could help some celebrities to shut up.

Rahul: the quiz segment looks like me on a weekend, calling all my friends waiting for them to pick up and feeling like an absolute loser when they don’t.

Riya: haha that’s me too. The buzzer round is me trying to live my life looking like i know things and getting people’s attention, but when it’s actually my turn to perform, realising that I don’t know shit.

Rahul: haha see? You are already living the show.

Riya: is that the reason my life seems so trash?

Rahul: but it is filled with glamour. Wanna watch the new episode together?

Riya: does Karan Johar love to show off his shoes? Absolutely. Let’s go.

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