They say journey is more important than destination

But those who have to walk alone seldom see the beauty in long roads

Not having someone by your side dulls the colour which otherwise are vibrant

How someone by their own will understand the beauty

You always need the glasses with love as filter to understand it

But how can i see it when i myself not know what it is

Standing alone in crowd and standing out are only option for those who are not lonely otherwise

A person who always stood alone wouldn’t understand the hype of standing out from crowd but you have someone by your side that’s why your voice is loud

Why someone who have nothing to fight will shout

But then you have someone all along to hold your hand and whisper the sweet nothings and to tell you to stand ten feet tall

Space is just a term for those who have someone to stay away from

But what for a guy who stays alone all time what does space really mean

There always be some word which will never make sense to someone like us who never know what being together means

We will always be indifferent to some feelings and emotions as we never felt them

Walking hand in hand with someone and smiling all way long with them and then hating them after that and arguing over nothing all day long and to be back to being happy

How we are supposed to understand that when we never experienced that

They say men grew from experience

So how can we grow without knowing that feeling

And staying alone all way long

Those who have things often mistreat them and throw them out

So whats wrong if someone else picks that and treats it as a treasure

For someone who stayed single all life relationship is a labyrinth

One which each one of us wish to get close to but never enter it

And they ask what’s the dilemma about falling in love

Ask someone who never loved or was never loved

Its frightening to know the hands which you are holding right now might let you go

It’s assuring to sleep at night alone then having someone who will leave you all alone in that space that you shared

It’s never the journey which is important for someone who has always being single

It’s always the destination

Sooner we reach to it

Sooner it all ends

Well living alone is better than being left to live alone

Its better to be never loved than craving for it after tasting it.

And you ask what’s the dilemma of someone who has never been loved.

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