I had just come out of a relationship recently and had moved on with my life which brings me to this incident. So, talking about moving on I have been very much active on tinder these days.

Right swiping every other pretty girl thrown at me and this snow balled into a Sunday date with a girl. A good looking design student from my city who too was moving ahead with her life.

So, the date kind of went well with an afternoon lunch at “Dominos” and a dessert stop at “Natural” ice-cream.

We were hitting the right notes too like both of us had the same choice of food, same liking for things which are sweet and dislikes for people who are fake.

I even proposed her for a second meet which she was skeptical about, the prime reason being her mother always spying on her.

Only Sundays like this where her mom would go for an afternoon baking classes could be an apt timing for her. So we thought of skipping out the weekdays and decided to meet again on a coming Sunday.

It was late evening and we were hunting autos on the busy Sunday evening for a ride back home.

She was a bit anxious too as she was already past her returning time. On the other hand I was trying my luck to take this date one notch up. I tried cozening up to her gradually while she was keeping an eye on the driver’s rear view mirror whose regular glances already had an idea of what we were up to. We were half way on our trip when she suddenly noticed that a middle aged fat lady was waving at our auto for a trip. “Oh no it’s my mom there”, she shrieked.

Move aside fast, move to the other side Bhavik. My reflexes were quick to their action and I sort of glued myself to the other end. I thought that the auto driver would not stop but to my dismay he did and before I could speak up her mom had already noticed that it’s her daughter who was a travelling in the auto.

As the vehicle stopped, I did not get my head up but could see that the lady was suspiciously checking me out before she even spoke with her daughter. “Mom, what a surprise to find you here.

I was just heading back home”, she said in the sweetest manner possible. “Is this boy with you, beta?”, mom inquired.

She passed me short glance and nullified all her mom’s suspicion with a negative answer. All I could do was look at the rear view mirror of the driver who was constantly looking at us through the device.

I did not waste my time and thought of getting down from the auto even though my destination was 3kilometers away.

As I de-boarded that one hell of a ride I passed both the ladies a short smile and offered the driver the money. “Sir, what about your girlfriend’s part of the ride”, the driver bluntly questioned back.

Suddenly I felt all hell had broken loose and I ran away from the place not to look back at the auto or never to call her back but only to imagine what the rest of her journey would have been after I left.

Well, satirically or ironically, if not her, it will be her sister in future(Figures of speech).

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