If you’ve grown up with people constantly saying, “Damn! You’re just too funny!”. And if you have thought to yourself, “Wow! That was some fine stuff packed in those 10mins” when watching Stand-Up comedy videos. And if you find yourself creating jokes out of everyday things, then you, my friend, are down with the ‘I want to be a Stand-Up Comedian’ syndrome. And the cure for that is right here!

With these 9 books, you can easily crack the code of being the ultimate Stand-Up Comedian! So, are you ready? Let’s begin with our list of books;

1. The Unproposed Guy

The Unproposed Guy - Book Cover

Author– Bhavik Sarkhedi & Suhana Bhambhani

About the Book:

‘The Unproposed Guy’ could easily be one of the most surreal takes on mundane things about life. The storyline talks about a friendly guy named Kevin and his struggles with romance, career, and life. The author has beautifully put together Kevin’s whole life story and how he deals with the dreading Existential Crisis quite uniquely.

The major highlight of the book ‘The Unproposed Guy’ is the sarcasm and the witty narration that also gives us deep learnings about life. The story turns when, out of the blue, the main lead of the book- Kevin aims to be a Stand-Up comedian one day! The book highlights people’s struggles when choosing Stand-Up comedy as a career. It also portrays how comedy works differently for different people, how you create that balance of perfect jokes and punchlines, and how you deal with the curveballs that come with audience interaction.

For any book in the comedy genre, it is difficult to garner laughs as the significant element of comedy lies in its delivery. It lies in how you narrate, your body language, and your changing voices; everything adds to your performance. And for just mere words written in a book, to achieve all of that could be difficult. But with ‘The Unproposed Guy’, you might be able to do that!

To know more about becoming a Stand-Up Comedian, read ‘The Unproposed Guy’.

Book details– 198 pages

Available onAmazon

2. The Comedy Bible

The Comedy Bible

Author– Judy Carter

About the Book:

The book ‘The Comedy Bible’ is exactly what the name suggests; it is a bible for comedians. It entails all the information that you need to become a comedian. From selecting the genre of comedy that suits you to professionally writing for famous sitcoms, Judy Carter covers it all.

The book has everything you need, a stand-up script, speech, jokes, humour essays and many more. Judy teaches the reader to find their unique voice and how to monetize it. She also explains the importance of self-marketing and how to market your material. This can be an assuring roadmap to becoming a Stand-Up comedian.

Book details– 368 pages

Available onAmazon

3. Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

Are you There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

Author– Chelsea Handler

About the Book:

The book ‘Are you There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea’ is the story of the author Chelsea and how she appeals to Vodka before getting things off her chest! The storyline is about Chelsea’s life, how she always lands herself in outrageous situations, and how uniquely she deals with them.

The author talks about the experiences from her past life humorously. The book highlights the most exciting turn of events in her life that has made her one of the most loved voices in the field of Stand-up Comedy.

Book details– 272 pages

Available onAmazon

4. The New Comedy Writing Step by Step

The New Comedy Writing: Step by Step

Author– Gene Perret

About the Book:

The book ‘The New Comedy Writing: Step by Step’ is a detailed guide to comedy writing. It talks about Stand-Up comedy as an art form and how discipline in one’s craft is essential to grow in that field.

The author has explained in detail the essence of the craft and the struggles of it when you face writer’s block; how do you overcome it? This book has undoubtedly covered all the aspects related to Stand-Up comedy.

Book details– 268 pages

Available onAmazon

5. The Serious Guide to Joke Writing

The Serious Guide to Joke Writing

Author– Sally Holloway

About the Book:

The book ‘The Serious Guide to Joke Writing’ can be considered a troubleshooting guide to answer all your doubts, queries and fears about Stand-Up comedy. The author Sally Holloway talks about various exercises that help create writeups and produce jokes that are different and unique to you. She talks about the importance of finding your voice and learning how to use that. The book also shares experiences from the author’s life that seem comforting to anyone who feels alone and lonely in this journey of becoming a Stand-Up comedian.

Book details– 212 pages

Available onAmazon

6. Truth in Comedy

Truth in Comedy

Author– Charna Halpern, Del Close & Kim Howard Johnson

About the Book:

The book ‘Truth in Comedy’ is written by Kim Howard Johnson and two founders of improvisational theatre, Del Close and Charna Halpern. The book teaches a ground-breaking acting exercise called the ‘Harold’, which focuses on pattern recognition and meeting the audience’s expectations. The book elaborates on the importance of different exercises for different comedy formats.

Book details– 160 pages

Available onAmazon

7. How to Write Funny

How to Write Funny

Author– Scott Dikkers

About the Book:

The book ‘How to Write Funny’ captures the essence of true comedy and how to achieve it. The author teaches us to be responsive to the audience and how to garner laughter in each performance. The book gives away many sure-shot ways to turn simple text into punchlines and witty comments. Scott Dikkers also shares a secret that claims to remove writer’s block permanently to produce hilarious jokes at the drop of a hat.

Book details– 146 pages

Available onAmazon

8. The Humor Code

The Humor Code

Author– Peter McGraw & Joel Warner

About the Book:

The book ‘The Humor Code,’ is based on the journey of a journalist and a scientist who go on a quest to find out the secret behind the things that make everyday things funny. The duo travelled across five continents to provide this book with its storyline. After travelling almost 91,000 miles, the authors, Peter McGraw and Joel Warner, seem to have decoded the humor code. Read the book ‘The Humor Code’ to know what they found out.

Book details– 256 pages

Available onAmazon

9. I’m Dying Up Here

I’m Dying Up Here

Author– William Knoedelseder

About the Book:

The book ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ is written by William Knowdelseder, a journalist, about the time in the 1970s, when the famous Comedy Camelot- comedians who migrated to Los Angeles and tried to change the system and how it ended up tearing up their close knitted community. The author has beautifully captured the life of an artist and how difficult it can get in life when you don’t have the right support from the people around you. The book shows the reality of people who have lived that life in a humorous light making it one of the most loved books!

Book details– 304 pages

Available onAmazon

Wrap-up Summary of Stand-Up Comedy Books

Wanna be a stand-up comedian… grab one of these books now and get yourself to accomplish your dream! As self-reading is the best-known way of learning and experiencing life.

Book Title Author(s) Description Pages Availability
The Unproposed Guy Bhavik Sarkhedi & Suhana Bhambhani A story of Kevin’s life struggles with romance, career, and existence, with a unique twist towards stand-up comedy. Highlights the challenges of pursuing comedy as a career and offers deep insights into crafting jokes and handling audiences. 198 Available on Amazon
The Comedy Bible Judy Carter A comprehensive guide covering all aspects of comedy, from finding your voice to marketing your material. Includes scripts, speeches, and tips for aspiring comedians. 368 Available on Amazon
Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea Chelsea Handler Chelsea’s humorous take on her life experiences, showcasing her unique approach to comedy. Offers insights into how personal experiences can be transformed into comedic material. 272 Available on Amazon
The New Comedy Writing Step by Step Gene Perret A detailed guide to comedy writing, emphasizing discipline and overcoming writer’s block. Provides insights into the craft and challenges of stand-up comedy. 268 Available on Amazon
The Serious Guide to Joke Writing Sally Holloway A troubleshooting guide for joke writing, offering exercises and advice for finding one’s comedic voice. Shares personal experiences to comfort aspiring comedians on their journey. 212 Available on Amazon
Truth in Comedy Charna Halpern, Del Close & Kim Howard Johnson Teaches the ‘Harold’ acting exercise and emphasizes pattern recognition in comedy. Explores different exercises for various comedy formats. 160 Available on Amazon
How to Write Funny Scott Dikkers Captures the essence of comedy and provides techniques for generating laughter. Shares methods to overcome writer’s block and produce humorous content consistently. 146 Available on Amazon
The Humor Code Peter McGraw & Joel Warner Chronicles the authors’ quest to decode humor across five continents. Offers insights into what makes everyday things funny after extensive travels and research. 256 Available on Amazon
I’m Dying Up Here William Knoedelseder Depicts the 1970s comedy scene in Los Angeles and the struggles faced by comedians. Highlights the challenges of pursuing comedy professionally and the importance of support. 304 Available on Amazon

Embark on an uproarious journey through the pages of these comedic masterpieces, each offering a unique glimpse into the world of stand-up comedy.

From “The Unproposed Guy,” where Kevin’s struggles with romance and career take a witty turn towards the stage, to Judy Carter’s “The Comedy Bible,” a comprehensive guide brimming with tips and scripts to hone your craft.

As you traverse Chelsea Handler’s uproarious anecdotes in “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where personal experiences transform into comedic gold. Gene Perret’s “The New Comedy Writing Step by Step” provides a roadmap through the challenges of writer’s block, while Sally Holloway’s “The Serious Guide to Joke Writing” offers a comforting hand through exercises and insights into finding your comedic voice.

Delve into the improvisational world of “Truth in Comedy,” where Charna Halpern and Del Close unveil the secrets of pattern recognition, and Scott Dikkers’ “How to Write Funny” unveils the alchemy behind generating laughter. Travel across continents with Peter McGraw and Joel Warner’s “The Humor Code” as they decode the essence of humor, and experience the raw reality of 1970s comedy scene in Los Angeles with William Knoedelseder’s “I’m Dying Up Here.”

Through laughter, wisdom, and the camaraderie of fellow comedians, these books beckon you to chase your dreams and conquer the stage with your unique brand of humor.

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