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Laughuck vs Saddick — The Conversation by Unproposed Guy

Laughuck: I hate parlour aunties. I come to you for help and this is what you give me? Sarcasm? I have enough of that on the Internet.

Saddick: oh they are the worst. If i wanted someone to tell me how bad i looked i wouldn’t have blocked the asshole who did not take rejection well.

Laughuck: only last week i went to my parlour auntie to get my eyebrows done and she said “upper lip too? Seems like you have a ‘moustache’ you know who had a moustache and tried to push his propaganda onto everyone? Hitler.

Saddick: let’s not talk about Hitler. This guy on the Internet said I am a ‘feminazi’ so i guess I’m on Hitler’s side now. Gotta believe random comments from random dudes on the Internet.

Laughuck: oh they are so stupid. When you have already said Hi twice, a third time wouldn’t make a difference, Karan!

Saddick: So yeah we were talking about parlour aunties. I’ll get my manicure done today. Nish and I have a date tonight.

Laughuck: remember to paint your nails a good colour. Or you would end up looking like Hina. Did you see her new picture?

Saddick: ugh so awful. Only if they could put a little effort in their appearances. Anyway I’m going to the parlour for my hourly session of taunts. Bye.

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