Context: Angel Priya is a fake/imaginary/hypothetical name used by spammers to manipulate people

Tinder, yup I too had a tinder account. Unlike my real-life social image, I put a decent amount of time on my tinder status(Poor old me!).

A selfie with my dog, “Men with dogs tend to attract women” yup that’s what I have heard and another one with my guitar, for the same reason(I researched).

“Tinder Bio”, that was the most interesting part, It felt like I was putting up my life’s achievements(none at that time though, crying in the corner) in those two freaking lines.I tried my best, at the epitome of my creativity I came up with this “I had a six-pack but donated five of them into charity” lame right, but that was the beauty of tinder no one can judge you until you slap them right. Right? Behold the power of my swipes bitches!!.

Yup, I was ready now. Two super sexy selfies and a great bio, I was going to be “Justin Bieber” of tinder, with regards to fame of course(I was already a Justin Bieber in the real-life when it came to singing like my father used to leave the house every time I started singing… Sadistic HAHA).

“I” was going to pick the one I wanted to date, a superpower all men would trade their asses for!! I had it, at least that is what I believed initially, swiping only the hottest ones on my first night, like those on a bikini looking like an hourglass…I remember laughing over a girls profile, she was not even 19 at that time(nor was I, but you only judge others right!! JustKIDing), someone named “ANGEL PRIYA” with the most cheasy bio ever(“Papa ki pari, main to udd chali”), we all know a few of them, and then I slept, waiting for my fame to ascend overnight!

Good Morning!! I woke up, hopeful and restless just to check the matches, I was sure to hit a diamond that day, but zero!! No matches at all, I was distressed I left my bed to have my coffee, “Black Coffee” just because the milkman was on leave that day!!. Normally I would not mind a black coffee but that day, that freaking day, when I looked at the coffee my head spoke to me for her!! “I may be dark, but your dating future is darker” and that broke my spirit, I was just about to give up but then, I remembered, “Success does not happen overnight”, yup that was enough to restore my confidence that day, and the day after that day and the day … it lasted for a week, my pride was obliterated, frustrated me started swiping right, in the night… at the speed of light!!!(just showing off my rhyming skills!!)

Good morning again, this morning was a little different because your man got a match(laughing like a devil inside)….that notification was popping up on my phone screen, 0.32 seconds, yup that’s what it took me to turn the tinder on, I had the smile of a grim reaper, the moment I checked who was the lucky girl!!!

-> You have a match, “Angel Priya”!! boom!! My dating future went dark again!!.

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