I was reading a book recently. In that story, the book felt disowned and heartbroken. It’s the same old story, isn’t it?

So, I thought to write something on it

HE: Ok Google, What is the meaning of unproposed?

Google: Unproposed is an antonym of the word ‘Proposed’. Here, thedefinition of the word ‘Unproposed’ is nothing but every lame guy or girl who has not been blessed with the appealing personality that they can’t or have failed to attract a single person in their life

Another HE: Siri, who is an unproposed guy?

Siri: Didn’t you hear Google, bitch? You and people like you are those who….

A guy who has not been proposed by same (lol) or opposite gender. Here, the irony of the word lies in the eccentricity of it. Unproposed doesn’t at all mean he is ugly, lame, weak, or dumb. It’s just that he has not been into the focus or anyway the radius of girls’ retina. A pessimist would say it’s all about luck :(, not me — I am a realist.

This was originally written and published by me somewhere around here:

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