She said, “What the fuck?” I couldn’t understand the figures of speech.

Was it meant to be something rude ora compliment? Well, it all rests in peace.

15 Hours Early

This show looks good. The people here are from across the globe. Wohooo, nice choice of place, Bhavik. I was almost enjoying the show if the lizard hadn’t interrupted. Yes, fucking lizard. It made chaos and well, guess who I saw? Brad Pitt? Walter White? Hrithik Roshan? Selena Gomez?

Well, it’s almost near to the last name. A girl who looked like Mrs. Bieber-sitting beside another gorgeous foreigner (Well, all foreigners have always looked gorgeous to me :p). She was ‘Light’ in the beautiful evening. She must be a vivacious being in her living. She was beautiful. The show obviously got diverted for me when I kept looking at her frequently (when she wouldn’t know). I could see her smiling, talking & laughing. The show took everyone’s heart; I asked myself, “Where’s mine?” Haha, it was there 😀 😀

I could do nothing but observe her. I could have done many things but hey preserve it.

The Ghat, the wonderful ghat, her and me. I could literally see no people. I still know what it was but it was splendid and ineffable. I still remember the polite no she said to ‘Fryums’ selling kid. I was hungry, I bought it. Maybe, she will eat ‘Gola’ and she did and Oh no, I have to… Well, you should, go now….

Though I don’t take good photos, I took few. She was into it so she must be a photographer, I guessed. What could have been done instead of ‘Guessing’ except ‘Talk to her’. Lmao, I never tried and I would never ever.

She left (should I go after her?), I didn’t feel good (should I?), I had my beer, I did my dinner (Yeah, alone) I thought, I thought more, I regret, I slept, I woke up, I packed, I booked the ticket & ‘No, no, there’s still time to go’ :p.

Just like everyone else on the Earth, I walked on the streets so I could find a rickshaw. And unlike everyone, I didn’t get it because ‘You are budget friendly’. The rickshaw-wala becomes rude and you walk away. Not before you walk 5 steps and you see her. Who her? Her ‘Her’. The ‘Light’. I call her it because there is no possibility that I or any passerby would notice a girl sitting in the rickshaw within a fraction of second.

‘Go fuck yourself’ was not the answer of the strange same rickshaw wala when I asked him to ride behind hers. Yes, hers, I followed her, is what I am implying? Yes, dude, that’s… that’s…? That’s not what you do usually. Hey, does this happen usually? NOOOO.

I followed, sorry we followed, we lost her, we found her, we kept track of her and so we reached. What is the maximum number of heartbeat it can reach? I am sure it reached the same when I saw her again and asked if I could sit beside her.

I missed Chester a lot when the lyrics murmured inside me, “I became so numb”.

The light is a spectrum. Particle or wave form, as scientists explained, and she was ‘Light’, she had colored hairs. Ohhhh and Awwww! 😀 😀

Remember Chandler and Kathy? Yes, but here, I wasn’t Chandler and she wasn’t her. I was like a black hole and she was light. The two controversial things in the universe. Will it go ahead than a 5-min ‘Hi-Hello’?

Well, maybe, because she is a nice person, when she said, “What the fuck?” I couldn’t understand the figures of speech, haha. Was it meant to be something rude for me or was it a compliment? Well, it all rests in peace because ‘Fuck you, last night’s destiny’ I got to tell her everything in person & ‘Thank you, today’s destiny’ I could forget the regret part of it.

5 Hours Later

She asked me, “What you saw ‘Us’ meeting that you want to see me again?” & I could have said,

Us? I saw something in you………..

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