Are you concerned about adjusting to singlehood in your 30s? Keep in mind, you are not by yourself. According to research, about 23% of people between the ages of 30-49 are single. Accepting the single life can be an uphill battle. Being single suddenly becomes a little more challenging as you grow with age. The number of potential mates suddenly appear to be considerably reduced, and being alone can seem intimidating. Being single can seem more permanent. After years of devoting your time to others, your 30s are frequently a period for a career adjustment, personal goal-setting, and self-care. Being single during your life might sometimes feel isolating and make you question whether there is something profoundly wrong with you.

Truth being told: There isn’t!

Even if you don’t have a love partner, you are still a whole and living human being. The good news is that you can do many things to make this phase of your life easier and more pleasurable, despite any difficulties that being alone in your 30s may bring. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it first appears. Being single is okay. Without a companion, singles too have very fulfilling lives.

First and foremost -Stay optimistic! Even if things may feel challenging now, remember that being single doesn’t have to be a permanent state. We as human beings often yearn for companionship, so don’t feel bad about it or give up if you’re still alone at this point in your life. Instead, concentrate on the advantages, such as the freedom to act without first seeking consent from anyone. Doing things that you actually like to do, without any difference of opinion from anyone. You might discover that being alone in your 30s is pretty liberating. You can spend more time engaging in hobbies and travelling. Of course, being single also brings with it financial independence.

But yes, there are difficulties in being single in your 30s. For instance, finding a spouse may be more complex, and you might face pressure from family and friends to get married. Perhaps you’re looking for somebody with more terrific life experience. Or worried that you wouldn’t find the partner you’ve wanted since you were young. Feelings like these are legitimate and based on what our society follows or its norms.

However, remember, being alone in your 30s may be an experience that allows you to prioritize your needs and wants. Therefore, if you’re feeling pressure to find a partner, don’t panic or be anxious; staying single in your 30s is an entirely normal decision and it is a phase most of us have to go through our lives at one point or another.

Even though being alone in your 30s may not be how you had imagined your life to turn out, it’s not necessarily a terrible thing. You might realize the advantages of being single if you let go of the social expectation of how your life “should” appear. Everything depends on how you view living alone. Here are some recommended readings that will undoubtedly motivate you if you are having trouble accepting the reality that you are not in a committed relationship.

The best way we believe to relieve yourself from the loneliness, to stimulate your inner being and to see the finest in yourself is through reading. Reading books is our companion for life who can never leave you or desert you at any point of time in life. It will be your mate for life!

The following collection of books about being alone in your 30s can help you change your perspective towards being single in life. It will help you see beyond the expectations and see how fulfilling a single life can also be and that today, a life can be equally exciting of that without a partner. Let’s begin with our curated list of books for your single pleasure;

1. The Unproposed Guy by Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani

The character and motivation analysis in this book is excellent. The journey you travel with the eccentric Kevin through the past and present is humorous and thought-provoking. Understanding how unique each person is and that we should all be considered equal and accepted for who we are is crucial in life.

2. Single on Purpose. Redefine Everything. First, find yourself. From John Kim

In this book, John Kim, author of “The Angry Therapist,” examines how to work on oneself independently of a romantic commitment. After his traumatic divorce, he accepted being single by mending his relationship with himself. Being alone oneself need not imply loneliness is what is depicted here.

3. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The central theme of this book is realizing how great you are, exactly as you are. We occasionally believe that our romantic status reflects who we are. You are lovely just the way you are, regardless of whether you are single, married, dating, engaged, or divorced.

4. Singled Out by Bella DePaulo

In her decades-long investigation on singledom, author Bella DePaulo found how twisted society’s and the media’s perceptions of them are.

You don’t have to fear being single; it can be advantageous and pleasurable. You can learn about ten common misconceptions about singleness and the differences between single and married life by reading Singled Out.

5. How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t by Lane Moore

Lane Moore, who also hosts the Tinder Live program, shares her experience navigating significant life events like moving to New York City alone. After reading this narrative, you’ll feel less alone in what you’re going through as a single thirty-something. If you feel alone in the sea of committed partnerships, this is one of the best novels to read.

Final takeaway

It is critical to prioritize your needs as a single in your 30s. But keep in mind that you are equally deserving of love. So be patient, cherish every first date, and remain open to new possibilities. Take care of yourself in the interim, and savour each day as it comes!

Lastly, do not discount the prospect of discovering love once more. Don’t assume you’ll never be in a relationship just because you aren’t into one right now. There’s a reasonable probability that you’ll run into someone amazing when least expected if you’re open to it. Anyhow human life is a blessed life so enjoy it and live it to the fullest as much as you can, partner or no partner. Period.

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