Your mom just told you an awkward but really funny joke, you’re not sure if it’s the joke that’s funny or your mom telling the joke, but it doesn’t matter, because now you’re rolling on the floor and want to get up, but you really can’t because your mom really caught you off-guard with that joke. You’ve been laughing for so long, your eyes start to water and the more you laugh, the funnier the joke seems.

You’re at your boring College graduation and now it’s time to issue the certificates. The school’s principal gets up to issue the first set of awards. As she begins to walk with such gaiety and suaveness, smiling and intermittently posing for the camera, a lizard drops from the ceiling and onto her shoulders. She screams, cries and jumps until her wig falls off. Everyone begins to laugh nonstop.

All this is called humor — humor has long been part of our lives — we see it when we watch an advertisement, a YouTube video, your favourite movie, an Instagram and twitter meme, or just sitting in the living room with your family. The effects of humor are also very beneficial and rewarding, but before I speak about the benefits, let’s delve into the origin and real meaning of humor.

Humor is simply any act, word or phrase that cause laughter or evokes a feeling of pleasure in an individual. It simply creates a light-hearted and very conducive atmosphere. The word ‘humor’ was derived from the Latin word for ‘liquid’ or ‘fluid’. The ancient Greeks used this simple word ‘humor’, to refer to the four main substances found throughout our bodies — yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm. Each of those bodily fluids were thought to influence our personality traits or overall character, as stated by Mayer (2019). Humor comes in many forms, shapes, colours and even odours — from the memes that we all love, to those silly jokes that we sometimes create, to impress that cute guy or girl or to just lessen the tension in a room.

Humor is used by almost anyone — swell anyone who’s not conceited and mundane -and reduces tension, anxiety and anger. Remember that time when you were upset over that situation and then your mom or dad gave you that encouraging speech and then that sweet little joke at the end? Remember how happy and hopeful you eventually became? Well, that’s one of the many powers of humor — it creates a feeling of happiness, hopefulness and joyfulness, which later increases your confidence and self-concept — all this improves your mental health.

What does being unproposed has to do with humor?

Humor, in a broad way, sense of humor, is connected and linked with context. You can’t randomly make jokes and make others laugh. Unproposed Guy, with time, has realized that it is the timing that matters more than the time.

Propose your brain with jokes and sarcasm; don’t forget the context

Humor also makes us more attractive and amiable. No one likes a frowning, unfriendly and unattractive being. Remember telling your best friend that ‘he has a good sense of humor’ or telling one of your boys that ‘she’s kinda funny’? That’s the power of humor, it draws and connects people together.

So, what about your health?

Humor is not only great for your mental health, but it also improves your immune system, as it activates the immune cells and antibodies which fight infections; this enhances our resistance to diseases. When you laugh, your body releases a special chemical, endorphin, which reduces pain and increases pleasure. This also reduces stress and improves your mood.

Humor has so many great benefits that we sometimes overlook, but now that you’re aware, spread the word and laugh your teeth out, well, I hope you have enough.

So, share a joke, laugh even if there’s no joke (or if the joke you told isn’t funny), it’ll be awkward, but really rewarding.

It has been so long that Unproposed Guy was on break. Well, he has come to save the world from bad jokes, Covid-19, unemployment but wait is he employed?

Unproposed Humor is the failed attempt if you’re a comedian or witty speaker or charming orator. But they are the only situations or bits which tells you that if unproposed can one day be proposed, the non-sense sense of humor can one day be no non-sense humor.


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