Alas! The hope was not to be. It was the twenty-second day my wife, my guiding star slipped into a comma. I was sitting beside her holding her hand. And then suddenly I hear irregular beeps from the monitor…

“Beep… Beep…. BEEP!”

I ran to get the doctor. I saw my wife slip away from the world in front of my own eyes. She breathed her last that day. My world had become dark again. I did not know how my daughter and I would survive without the angel in our lives. A year passed on. I had not stopped grieving. Friends and family said my daughter deserved all my attention and I should start living life for her sake. It did not make sense to me! I lost the love of my life. I will never be able to talk to her, hug her or just hold her hand. I felt empty within.

One day I saw my daughter take her first steps. She walked slowly towards me with a smile on her face. Her eyes had the look of innocence and trust. I cannot break that trust. I realized that my wife had given me the best gift ever — our daughter. I had to look over the horizon and start over. The pain inside me slowly started healing. I still feel incomplete without her, and I know I always will. But I learnt to cope with that emptiness and sadness.

When my daughter turned fifteen, I started an organization to help people cope with the loss of loved ones. I know how tough it is, and wanted to make sure people had a shoulder to lean on. I think my wife would have liked the idea too. Our daughter Sakshi, has grown into this wonderful woman today. She is about to join college. So many years have passed since that fateful day. Sakshi has become just like her mother. She was mature, fun-loving and beautiful, and I was proud of her. I know my wife is proud of her too. I hope I meet her if there is an afterlife.

So friends, it is not what happens in life or how big a tragedy might seem, it is about how you deal with it. Sometimes it may seem that life has been unfair to you, but the truth to a peaceful existence is acceptance. Keep following to know more from the one kissed by the light of wisdom.

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