1. Love

Creative Cushion by Bhavik Sarkhedi

Like others, I don’t want to turn back time

But I wish I could fast forward the time

SO i could see me with you in the right time

And I finally see what I have every dreamt of

I might be polite but passionate

I may fall but Don’t mind I have a cushion

But my shoulder waits for your head to rest

Like your lap waits for my head to give me the peace

I turned back again just not to look at her

This time, to look her more beautifully

Here there her eyes are looking for me too

I am going to become hers forever

If you thought I am in love with you because you are beautiful, you’re wrong

If you thought I missed you when you’re not around me, you’re wrong

If you thought my passion for you will decrease with time, you’re wrong


If you thought you will never think what I think, you’re right

Today, you go into your dreams as you read and hear this,

One day, you will make me fall asleep with your words..

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