I don’t know why I am single

I am sweet and smart and even keep up with the new trends

I wear shirts now and even got some glasses

I even practice chivalry just to make friends

I put double the efforts in all my relationships

But seeing that I have been in nil

My love life has been effortless till now

Inspired from feminism , I let her pay the whole damn bill

I end every message with ‘Baby’

And can write a book on pickup lines

I have gone from Arjit to Drake

From beer to Sangria wines

I have been making a mix tape for years

Just to slow dance with my love one day

But somehow covering my swag with sanskaar

My conversations still haven’t moved past ‘Hey’

I am the guy who somehow ends up alone

Joey without his good looks, humour, umm basically everything

I only need a girl’s hand now

I already have the ring

I am the one whose most used tab is Tinder

The one who has memorised all the love quotes by heart

The one who always advises his friends on their relationships

But whose own love life is yet to start

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