Dating is fun, isn’t it? We all have been indulged into dating at some point in time for sure. Whether it is multiple dating or you wished to date single person at a time, the cringe and nervousness that you feel when you meet someone on an official date for the first time are quite obvious.

These pangs of nervousness, however, refrain us from setting our best impression ultimately leading to chaos, mess and what not. Hence, here are several don’t(s) that you better not even dare to do on your first date.

1. Talking about your ex — No matter how much are you feeling or missing your ex, no matter how boring your first date with the new person is, no matter how emotional you are you are just NOT supposed to puke everything about your ex and discuss it over the date. This date should be wholly and solely belong to you and your date.

2. Talking about future — Okay relax! You have met him/her for the first time and you need to calm down. It is okay to chalk down your future with your date in your mind until it stays in your mind. Do not intimidate the person by telling them how seriously involved you are. Your feelings might be genuine but take it slow, give your date the time to settle his/her thoughts too.

3. Get Drunk — Each one of us is aware of our own capacity of drinking and yet sometimes we let it loose. Boozing on the date is a fun idea but hey! Who is going to like someone who is drunk beyond measures? This is certainly a good idea to spoil the date and big a farewell to the person forever.

4. Become a victim — Yes! perhaps you are facing all the difficulties of the world and it is heart wrecking for yet, do not bore your first date with this. We all go through certain downfalls in life and everybody is not interested in listening to it. You can, however, wait for the comfort zone to get established in the following dates and then brick by brick break the walls. But, when it comes to the first date please avoid.

5. Show timeliness — Be on time always. Coming on time sets a good impression. If you have an ingrained habit of coming late then start getting ready earlier and leave early to avoid delay caused by unforeseen incidents like traffic.

6. Tireless attempts to impress — You must relax first. Be confident and do not over do things at all. If you wish to compliment your date, do it subtly. Keep the manners up and show that you care but do not do things that would make you appear desperate. There is a thin line between being excited and desperate, keep watching that line.

Meeting and dating someone for the first time can be confusing but you need to take it slow. Pay attention to your date’s body language, pay attention to what he/she talks about, pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Your basic aim should not be to impress him/her but to make them meet you again for the second date without a doubt.

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