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The Discussion Room in 2024

I saw this wonderful girl when I was attending one blogging conference held in my city. I was not obviously expecting any diva to show down in the ‘Literature’ type event but my wait proved right when she entered the room and I said, “Oh my god, my conference is ruined. How will I be able to concentrate now?”

It justified. Correctly. I had to do something, something macho. Look, what I did? By some crooked means, the way I will show it my another blog :D, I found her email ID and sent the following.

“Hope this email finds you well. You must be in the grey of your health.
Duh, so formal. Yea, leave it. 😀

Scene 1- You enter supposedly. Had I known I would craft an email for
it later after struggling on FB, Insta and probably Snapchat, I would
definitely have observed you better. Wooooo. Wait. What sort of
permutation and combination had I applied? I mustn’t tell you.

Scene 2- This was the adrenaline rush. So, today is the right time.
Maybe, tomorrow the gist and zeal might have faded, well, sort of,
because of my impotency to pursue it personally. 😀

Scene 3- Why would you come to the play today? You weren’t there
yesterday, for God Sake? If there was a test to ‘being noticed’ by
someone with the most intellectually dumb patterns, I would be the
winner and runners-up. Forgive my oxymorons.

Black OUT-
Do you live in Ahmadabad? It’s the only thing I probably don’t know about you.

Duh, so informal.
Anyways, I am going to be judged. Seriously, call it a one-day
desperation or a new form of it maybe 20–20, I just wanted to talk to
you but couldn’t.

See you, A*****i. Needless to say, sweet name you have.
PS- Sonder= The realization that each random passerby is living a life
as vivid and complex as your own.”

The girl did get flattered; she denied me to go out with me.

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