It is been generally claimed that when you are single, you shouldn’t be looking for love; instead, utilize that time on yourself and develop individually.

Do you agree with this?

If you are among those people who have still managed to avoid falling into the Pacific Ocean of a relationship or been under the never-ending complaints of your partner, then first, congratulations, you have become the ideal of many people, and second, you have time available to catch up on all the excellent reading.

So, today, in this blog, we have bought some exciting and meaningful collections of books, especially for all the singles out there. Who instead of investing in other pleasures to fill your free time, spend money on this intriguing assortment for those cold-breezy and solitude-filled nights.

Because you never know when and whom you may end up with.

The Basket of Goodies

One of the significant features of being single is having more me’ time, which can be used to read all the fantastic books you have been wanting to, for the past few years.

Here is a collection of novels that are supreme for the youth today.

The Unproposed Guy

We have given this book the top spot because it is the best writing we have ever read. “The Unproposed Guy” is a conglomerate of satire, stand-up comedy, nervous breakdowns, desire, willpower, and love. A deeply distressed young man who is going through a lot of troubles in his life is the subject of this charming and intriguing character study.
Kevin is a character that writers Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani have made indelible. A brilliant storyline of his life rollercoaster ride that resonates with youngsters and singles out there.

Little Women

One of the most popular novels of all time is “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott.

This eccentric novel is a semi-autobiographical book starring the March sisters as they navigate their lives from youth to maturity, including Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

This novel is a reminder that the man you fell in love with at 10 years old isn’t a good spouse at 30.

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

“My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” by Nagata Kabi addressed the issue of being alone and spoke incredibly vulnerably about these deep, personal emotions, particularly regarding gender fluidity.

A young woman’s examination of her sexuality, mental health, and growing up in the present era are all explored in this beautiful novel. It also covers many other intimate elements of a woman’s life that will connect with readers through emotive artwork that evokes both amusement and sorrow.

Frankly speaking, it seemed like this book was screaming at you to feel what you want and to be who you are!

Tiny Beautiful Things

If you are a wounded individual out there or the one who is stuck in a vicious cycle of relationships or who is hesitant to end it, “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed has come to your rescue.

This piece is a stirring compilation of letters and messages from the author under a pen name, “Sugar.” Strayed answers readers’ inquiries regarding a variety of subjects, including love, family, addiction, loss, abuse, ailments, anxieties, friends, and gossip. In each of her responses, she consistently meets the audience with striking compassion.

As she said, “Be strong enough to break your heart by yourself.” This book is going to be your next BFF for sure.

Modern Romance

Are you among those folks whose partner always yells at you for responding to messages late or using the internet late at night after bidding farewell to your companion?

Yes, it is a global issue. It seems like a virus more harmful than Covid-19.

If yes, then this book is a must-have on your bookshelf. The author of this book discusses how the advent of instant messaging and other forms of digital networking has fundamentally altered the laws of romance. This book also covers some interesting questions, including what should your opening conversation line for a dear one be or how long should you hold off on responding to a text.

“Modern Romance” by Aziz Ansari addresses several relationship-related concerns, particularly those that arise in the digital age. Do buy, and share your experience with others.

Someone Else’s Wedding Vows

This book is going to your guiding angel. “Someone Else’s Wedding Vows” by Bianca Stone will make you realize how vast your inner world is and how it needs to be appreciated with your attention and time. It motivates you to examine the work of anything inside that flicker, sparkles, drips, oozes, skips, or frightens you from inside.

The author’s tone in this book is so calm, resolute, and sensitive that just thinking about it will make you tear up a little.

The poem in this collection titled “Because You Love You Come Apart” will become your favorite.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

For all classic novel lovers, this fantastic piece of writing is for you. “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera, published in 1984, is a book about two women, two men, and a dog, and their experiences during the 1968 Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia.

This book makes you consider ideas you would have previously dismissed as insignificant. The book discusses many different topics, but the most significant is the meaning and purpose of life.

Every time you read this book; a new meaning will emerge. Even if you are the kind of person who doesn’t let books influence your beliefs and ideas, you will still find this book to be a magnificent work of fiction that is compelling, potent, and comprehensive.

Girls and Sex

This book by Peggy Orenstein is for anyone concerned about how society will treat women and other people in the future. It is a book that shook us from the inside.

This piece is about the satisfaction gap, and how many strong, independent women feel comfortable asking for what they want while they’re out of the bedroom but find it difficult to do so.

So, the next time you’re in a relationship, ask your partner for what you deserve with confidence.

Final Thoughts

We hope this library of literature will be intended to enhance your perspective on life, work, relationships, and most importantly, yourself.

We wish you all the luck! Have a good read!!

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