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I am not a fictional character but I am a funny character.

I am not Chandler Bing but I have a good sense of humor

I don’t look like Barney Stinson but I am great with pick up lines

I am not Charlie Harper but I am a decent guy with enough money

I am not Sheldon Cooper but I am intellectual enough

I am not a Smurf but I turn blues and reds often

I am not Michael Scofield but I have many escape plans for life

I am not Theodral Bagwell but I can be a badass whenever required

I am not Joey Tribbiani but I am good at asking people how they are doing

I can’t dance as MJ but I have some sensational silly steps prepared for my girl

I am not Walter White but I too have my own unfulfilled dreams

I am not Jesse Pinkman but I drink and get high when I am happy

I am not Ross Geller but I have soft corners for women I love

I am not Harvey Specter but I pretend to be emotionless sometimes

I am not Dr.House but I know God exist and we keep that faith intact

I am not Don Draper but I can still sell a refrigerator to you

I am not a Joker but I wish to be a devil many times.

I am not Tony Stark but I wish I could that wealthy and prosperous

I am not Flash but I want to be at plenty of places altogether

I am not Wolverine but I crave to kill people with my claws

I am not Eminem but I rap good, really good

I am not hot as David Guetta but I am cool from inside

I am not cool as Ashton Kutcher but I don’t feel hot for it

I don’t ride Ashton Martin but I try hard to reach for it

I am not Alan Walker but I do imitate his style of hiding face

I am not a fictional character but I am a funny character.

When women reject me comparing themselves with the fictional characters they adore, I can’t admit that I am not him but me. I can’t play many roles. They are good at being one character where else I play multiple characters at a time. They don’t notice me for some reasons because they have many reasons to be noticed.

I am not a fictional character but I am a funny character.

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