Awkward! yeah, that could be the best word to describe the product of emotional reactions inside of my body, when I tried to flirt for the first time.

I am not even sure if that was a flirt,

just do not call it a cheap trick or I will be hurt!!

just kidding, I was a kid back then not now, But still, don’t!!!

So coming back to the topic “MFF” aka My First Flirt.

Fourteen I was back then, innocent fourteen(The age when the only “Sunny” I knew was Deol). XOXO(Late bloomer in regards to sex education )

So, the girl I was talking about, “Prachi” her name was… yeah yeah do not worry we can use her name here cuz we never got a chance to talk after the school, I doubt she might not even remember me now(Antaratma talking>> you did get the chance to talk to her after school you insecure, shy and hopelessly awkward piece of shit!! )

Sweet girl, But no one could actually defeat her when it came to arguments, she was a badass in her own ways.

She was fierce, I remember her slapping a girl in front of the whole classroom, apparently for some stupid reasons but who cares about the reasons, right??, it’s love you don’t have to know the real person to love her. Just kidding, My frustration for this hookup culture kicked in I guess. (I love hookups btw, huh, “me being me”, CONFUSED)

ehhh, I should focus more or we will never reach the main issue here,

So we were fourteen I guess, I doubt she might not even know who I was( even if she did, she apparently had no reasons to ever call my name “The Unpopular Guy”, I suppose.)

So we(all the students of my class), were rebelling (play together, like girls and boys, our school had a strict “Stay the fuck away from girls” and “vice versa” policy)

Just to give you a vivid idea, one of the boys waved hello to a peer girl, “she must have replied hello” that is a common guess people make, but the girl didn’t replied, I mean she did(“Complained to be exact”), literally speaking, but to the wrong person(our class teacher) she was stupid….. both girl and the teacher so It does not matter whom you consider stupid.

So in that environment,

We were rebelling, and playing at the same time.

Sankal(“Chain”) we called it(mera chian vain sub ujda — -> Song running in the back of my head/ need to meditate/ I can rhyme good/ like if you threw me a grenade I will eat it like a cupcake,,,,,,,,, ehhhh stop stop stop,,, huh let’s focus on the story)

so in this game

one boy has to touch another while running, gets to touch a girl if he is lucky!! (I am not a pervert but that was the only physical contact I had with another sex that time, and also a

long time after that, poor me, ehhh).

And the one you touch will then hold your hand and run with you, forming a “CHAIN” (mera chain vai….. shut up I definitely need to meditate)

So what happens is I somehow managed to touch her, I was faster than her in the game so I got to touch her!( I fucking earned that right to touch her, I don’t even know what I am saying now). Now comes the part, she was holding hands with me, like skin to skin contact you know, no gloves, no Corona.

My belly was dancing, the butterflies those sensations, AYE HAYE(true desi reactions).

We were running as they run in Bollywood movies, but I was not satisfied I wanted more, so I took the step, the step of bravery.

As she was beside me I played the card of a bug in my eye, I suddenly stopped and started acting in a way that a bug has entered my eye, (Left eye to be exact so that when she will come close to look at the eye our hearts could hear each other, Yeah that was lame but I was not to blame cuz I was fourteen)

So my plan worked, she stopped and with here highly caring eyes started to inquire me,

What happened? I was dumbstruck,. She was looking directly into my eyes, those butterflies evolved into “DINOflies”, she held my eye with one hand-stretched to see my retina better and blew a little air there.

If I was a bug I would never come out like that, But there was no bug in there, The only bugs there were my friends, sitting in the backstage looking at me… One shouted “OH, MY BOY”

that son of a bitch, spoiled the moment and with him, all the other bugs started hooting for us on the playground.

It became too awkward for me, for us, for our sweet little love and the girl ran away, blushing, just to never even look at me again.

I was there alone, awkward, with no clue of what to do.

But as usual, I was lost in

the crowd, they forgot my name but the story remained.

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