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She is a wind, not a cyclone [Updated]

A strong wind but not a cyclone.

A witty inside me sings a song, “She moves her body like a cyclone…”

She was a strong wind but not a hurricane or a cyclone,

Dressed in a long loose dress made of nylone.

Or not any other female versions of the wind storms.

She was a strong wind-teller. Yes, not in thesaurus, I know. 😀

A storyteller would narrate beautiful stories & entertain, you know.

But, a wind-teller being a strong herself spreads it empire everywhere.

Everywhere she goes, the vacuum gains air & the air becomes the wind.

Though none of the physics law is applied here for none of us to bind.

I tried so hard to make rhymes but here I go, all I get is a grind.

A whirlpool people call her but she never bothers about it,

Yes, she followed Shakespeare’s “What’s in a name or whatever?” 😀

Nothing in the universe could stop her whatsoever,

The effect she left behind stays forever,

Nobody could forget her. Never.

She was happy. Someone wasn’t.

The volcano, flood and the thunderstorm met one day.

We should do something about her, the flood flooded that day.

Thunderstorm was angry as hell as he told flood to continue the next day.

Volcano, eager and excited to play its part, asking ‘Is my turn next to next day?’

Both scolded him saying, “You son of a..umm.. synonym of a lava. Let physics make some sense till today.

She cared about the universe she has been living in, she was unknown to this.

Not fair, she said emotionally when she rested herself on the desert. (Shit, didn’t rhyme)

Someone was happy. She wasn’t.

(I love The Alchemist)

So yeah, the Sun asked him why she was sad and why is she resting.

Listening to the story, the sun went mad and punished the 3 of them of life exile.

Lazy Draught comes into the effect later bitching, “Why me, you Sun of a …..Whose son are you, by the way?” 😀

She wasn’t happy. The people weren’t.

‘See, I told you, nobody likes me anyways, like flood, it eventually fills the dam though sometimes over the limit, so what? It’s same as you went to the shower but instead of the sprinkling you get the spank.’ Draught to Sun.

Alright. Alright. What should I do then? Said the tired Sun.

The Strong wind, volcano, draught, flood and the thunderstorm stood in line.

(Which natural phenomenon is remaining? :p)

And while sun was lecturing all …

‘Mein Samay hoon’ said the timeless Time….

It all happens on its own time. Draught settles the flood. Thunderstorm collides with the strong wind. Sun & the volcano get to the earthly people and it’s a cycle. There’s nothing to fight. Wind will slow down but will blow, sun would not be scorch everyday, water will not be generous as always and thunderstorm might fall on the people. ….

…..& it’s all relative. Guys, Einstein have proved it. So, back off.

Strong wind along with the world lived happily forever.

Thank you. During this entire 60 minutes, your blur image has been in my mind. I wish I justified. What’s the smiley of a heart, for god sake, this MS Word……….

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