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The Lighthearted Short Stories by Sarkhedi Bhavik

Children’s story: (Read on to reach your Unproposed Man)

There was no room for errors. The stage was set. The play was about to start. The audience was waiting for the most-awaited main event of the school. How could there be any error in this occasion of innocent souls?

It wasn’t an annual function. It wasn’t a farewell event. It wasn’t a fresher’s party. It was Children’s Day. The title read: Children’s Story.

A 5-year old kid then came to the mic and spoke:

Accept us who we are. Please, don’t scare us unnecessarily.

Support us in what we want to do desperately.

Motivate us when we fall immaturely.

Hold us in the trouble times. We are sure it’s temporary.

My poem may not rhyme every time. But, I always try.

I do Homework. I long for the cricket bat for my papa to buy.

I become sad and sometimes I cry.

Let us be us. Let a child be a child.

Dedicated To,

All the children whose confidence moves the mountains,

Every lil ones whose hopes sprinkle like fountains,

The Aspiring Authors, Painters, Guitarist, Engineers & Doctors.

The Unconventional Round Peg in a Square Hole.


She giggled as he slipped over a patch of ice on the sidewalk. She didn’t know that her laughter will not stay longer. Samrat was in pain. Jeenu carefully gave him the hand to stand up but when she heard his sigh while getting up, she knew that her leg would have been fractured.

All the way to the hospital, the nurse beside them was watching both of them.

“Jeenu in her wheelchairs and God forbids…..”, the nurse stopped her imagination right there.

The basic treatment was already given in the van. They were about to reach the hospital.

Jeenu’s face lost the shine and Samrat’s shine faded away while looking at her. Samrat kept screaming without a halt and the nurse couldn’t get hold of her negative thoughts however she managed.

“Boyfriend-Girlfriend?” the nurse asked.



“3 Years”

When they arrived at the hospital, the nurse asked Jeenu, “What if he has to face the same situation like yours?”.

Jeenu said, “It doesn’t matter. I met him 3 years ago when he saw me on the road lying. By the way, it was a patch of ice, nurse, not a 100 km/hour car that thrashed him.”

Comedy: (That’s My UnProposed Guy There, Yeah)

It was a dark and stormy night. Once upon a time in my younger years when there were only few ATM vestibules in the city, I was trapped inside one of them because Duh the lights were out and by the time I imagined to die inside that dark hollow place, a sweet sound echoed, “Hello, Please Help.”

With her smartphone’s flash light, she made Ujjala. She saw me; I couldn’t.

Unfortunately, all she could see through my drenched body was a lighter. She asked me for it. I said, “I…..I don’t smoke. It was for a friend. Actually, I am wearing his pants. You know, I….You can light it.” I gave the lighter to her.

She started smoking. That day, I couldn’t.

Time passed and I thought I could make my first move towards her because ‘In the end, it doesn’t even matter’. I didn’t remember why Linkin Park came to my mind then. Anyways.

As soon as I touched her shoulder, there was Ujjala light ka and before I could say anything, that same voice said,

“Hi, Yeah, I am a guy and my voice sounds like a girl. I’m sorry”, he said & went with my lighter.

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