The People were grooving their bodies, ladies sweating out cosmetics, and gentlemen sweating out deodorants, while Flo Rida’s “club can’t handle me” was sounding good as I was unable to handle her beauty.

Corona in one hand, and a dun-hill in the other, she was flirting her perfect curves in her red attire, provoking me to feel jealous for not being that dress. “I know I’m being a perv”, but 2 tequilas down already and a Carlsberg in hand, my mind is taking its own wild course.

The kohl enhanced her eyes, concealing those dark circles doned from her untimely stress or those late night social media surfs. “She gave me a friendly glance, but oh wait, did she just show me her prettiest curve? Should I go, ask her for a coffee.

Oh wait i am in a pub i can buy her a beer rather for that smile? Or am i too sloshed to be decent to a girl? May be i can ask her for a dance? No. A walk. Fuck, i am high.

Okay, Let me just walk to her.” It took me 20 long mins of deep thinking, a pint of beer and 3 more crucial mins to walk to her with a heart full of plannings of long drives, coffee dates, flirts, fucks and things which will lead me to a fruitful life with this beautiful lady!

But guess whom did i get introduced to? Her girlfriend. 😀 D

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